Building pressure washing may seem like a straightforward service. However, physical labor and machine maintenance are not the only expenses that will inform your bill. The average cost of professional exterior power washing throughout the country ranges from a couple hundred dollars to almost $1,500.00, depending on the surface area and nature and complexity of the job.

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These items may be factored into your pressure washing bill:

  • Insurance. Coverage protects homeowners and pressure washing companies alike from potential costs associated with property damage. Workman’s Compensation insurance binder protects all workers that have been hired to pressure wash your property. Most companies skirt this coverage by saying they are a family business and they are exempt. The courts have held that a subcontractor can only be considered an independent contractor if licensed, as required by Chapter 9 of Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code. If a subcontractor is unlicensed and performing license-required work, the subcontractor is an employee of the contractor. In addition, you will be held liable for workers’ compensation benefits if the employee of any uninsured subcontractor is injured while working on a project for you.
  • Cleaning supplies. Deck power washing supplies are slightly different than driveway and vinyl siding supplies, so these costs will vary based on the type of job. Some cleaning solutions are commercial and specially developed for professional cleaning services; these products might cost more and thus increase the bill.
  • Fuel. Most pressure washing machines are gas-operated. Companies generally charge homeowners for fuel costs related to the equipment and transportation.
  • Premium service costs. Poorly executed pressure washing can destroy exterior surfaces, cause injuries, or create environmental hazards. The best companies in this industry typically charge a little more to be able to invest in better workers, training, and processes.
  • Equipment. Equipment upkeep costs as well as costs for deploying special attachments and hoses for certain jobs can also factor into the equation.

    Additional Equipment: All pressure washing jobs in the Bay Area mandate that ZERO water is allowed to go down the storm drain. So all drains in the backyard, front yard, and at the street must be covered and all wash water created by the pressure washing company must be recovered with vacuums, filtered, and discharged to the sanitary sewer inlet line located on each project property to follow all compliance orders with each county in the Bay Area.
    Many surfaces can be cleaned with a power washer, and the return on investment (ROI) can be measured in terms of reduced liability risks, better aesthetics, and, if you run a business, more customers.

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