It’s no secret that the Golden State is facing a serious water crisis—some experts predict that we may be in the early stages of a scary-sounding epic known as a “mega-drought.” For good reasons, many people decide to cut back on pressure washing practices, like concrete cleaning, during times of water scarcity. But does it make sense?

The recommendation to spare water seems to make sense, because sidewalk cleaning and other practices can cause unnecessary waste. Today, however, advanced pressure washing machinery can provide efficient and waste-reducing water cleaning in certain areas and under certain conditions.

During a drought, look for a pressure washing company with water recovery practices that are state of the art. Such companies understand how to save water while providing customers with superior cleaning services at reasonable rates. Commercial power washing companies specializing in water recovery install equipment that funnels runoff into a collection area. Dirty water goes to a sanitation facility before reintegration into the main water system. These companies also use high efficiency equipment that utilizes less water while providing a high level of grime-clearing pressure.

Pressure Washing During A Drought — Power Wash in Walnut Creek, CA

Public areas like sidewalks and concrete sitting areas may need regular cleaning due to a buildup of grit, oil, and grime. It’s dangerous to let this grime and ooze sit too long, not to mention environmentally irresponsible. For municipal pressure washing, professional companies help government entities prioritize cleaning areas and establish sustainable practices for clearing waste and conserving water, drought or no drought.

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Next time you need to clean an outdoor area at home or at your business, hire a professional company known for water saving practices, like Action Pressure Washing. You CAN conserve water without sacrificing the aesthetics and safety of your landscape. Give us a call at 877-700-1246 to discuss your options.