Ugly grease and oil stains on concrete can be difficult to remove. An ordinary garden hose will not remove them, but a few available pressure washing systems may be suitable for concrete cleaning. Here are a few things to look for when evaluating these systems, whether you need to scour a mottled parking lot or fix up the patio of your Bay Area restaurant:

  •         A high pressure rating. Look for a rating of at least 3000 psi. Tougher stains call for a higher psi.
  •         A high flow rate. 4 gallons per minute (gpm) can provide a decently powerful stream, but you might find it more effective to go with something higher, like 5 or 6 gpm. The flow rate will help determine how quickly the stain will be cleaned.
  •         An adequate nozzle. Turbo nozzles or rotary nozzles can greatly improve the speed and power of the water.
  •         Washer mount. Some manufacturers offer wheel-mounted washers with two to four pressure nozzles, which can be excellent for sidewalk cleaning and washing other large flat areas. They can clean concrete faster and involve less work and use of water.
  •         Water temperature. Hot water washers are much more efficient at concrete cleaning of oil and commercial stains, although they tend to be heavier and more expensive. Cold water will remove surface algae and non-oil stains.
  •         Detergent. Before you begin washing, coat the concrete with an appropriate soap. Several different types are available, including degreasers and “green” cleaners.

    Remember to always protect the environment. You must always block the storm drain or small drains located on your project that water might flow to during your project. Only rain water is allowed to flow to the drains. Anything else is considered a hazard and is considered an illegal discharge to the local streams and bay.

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