Factors outside your control dictate when you can complete your home and business improvement projects, like house pressure washing. If you rent a pressure washer, and it starts raining, for instance, can you still safely operate the instrument outdoors?

The short answer is yes… usually. However, the average, inexperienced pressure washer should take extra precautions. Even modern equipment can exhibit problems when exposed to the elements, and operating any electrical equipment in the rain can be very dangerous. If you own your pressure washer, you must store the device in a dry place.

Sidewalk with Rain — Power Wash in Walnut Creek, CA

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a company that, among other things, issues safety ratings to electrical equipment. If the pressure washer you are using was manufactured in the last fifteen years, you should be able to locate its UL rating, which is the best indicator that your machine is safe. UL rating engineers test for erosion, wet-environment use, and electrical safety. If the UL rating says it’s safe, you can complete your house or deck pressure washing project in the rain.

If your equipment doesn’t have a UL rating, the engine and other electrical components might not be properly shielded from wet ground, mist, or precipitation. This exposure could ruin the equipment beyond repair. If the pressure washer is electric instead of gas, it could give you an electric shock. Wet ground can cause problems during concrete cleaning, even without active precipitation.

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Be safe and do your homework. Research your pressure washer model and read online reviews. And strongly consider outsourcing the tough but important work to a company with a great reputation and years of field experience. Call us today at 877-700-1246 for an estimate.