As a Bay Area business owner, you have a lot of balls in the air. You probably don’t spend too much time dwelling about the state of your parking lot. After all, a parking lot is a parking lot, right? Not necessarily. A dirty or disheveled parking lot can create serious problems and risks. Heavy traffic contributes to the buildup of foreign debris, oil leaks, and worn tires. Excessive litter attracts rodents and other dangerous animals. You need to keep your parking lot(s) clean to improve overall sanitation and storefront appearances, as well as minimize liability issues. The best way to do this is with pressure washing. And given California’s current drought, be aware that this method does not waste water because the water ends up being recycled back into the landscaping.

Here’s what to do. First, remove all consumer-created debris from the lot. Ideally, plan this routine maintenance in collaboration with other companies that share the lot. Consider also incorporating regular power washing to erase signs of grit, grime, and disrepair.

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Recently, cities (in the Bay Area and beyond) have been keeping a closer eye on their establishment parking lots. Municipalities want privately owned businesses to maintain appearances in accordance with local ordinances, and they’re willing to cite owners that fail to comply with fines and worse.

Privately owned businesses that hire parking lot pressure washing services ultimately can provide their customers with a better experience. That may seem like a stretch, but really think about it: consumers can (and do) evaluate businesses based on peripheral elements, like parking lots. They may not notice a clean parking lot, but a dirty one can drive them away. A clean lot also improves employee morale, demonstrates positive and community-minded business practices, and discourages littering.

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Power washing removes light clutter as well as heavy debris. Also, the water used may go toward one day of watering grass, which is important given the state’s recent mandate that lawn areas must be watered no more than two days a week. Furthermore, the most intense deep cleaning services can even pre-treat oil stains and brighten the surface. Consider partnering with a professional service, such as our experienced team, for regular maintenance pressure washing as well as storm damage recovery and emergency services. Call Action Pressure Washing today for a free estimate at 877-700-1243.