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How to Keep a Parking Lot Clean and Why It Matters

Advice from a Lafayette Pressure Washing Expert

Orinda Parking Lot Pressure WashingAs a Bay Area business owner, you have a lot of balls in the air. You probably don’t spend too much time dwelling about the state of your parking lot. After all, a parking lot is a parking lot, right? Not necessarily. A dirty or disheveled parking lot can create serious problems and risks. Heavy traffic contributes to the buildup of foreign debris, oil leaks, and worn tires. Excessive litter attracts rodents and other dangerous animals. You need to keep your parking lot(s) clean to improve overall sanitation and storefront appearances, as well as minimize liability issues. The best way to do this is with pressure washing. And given California’s current drought, be aware that this method does not waste water because the water ends up being recycled back into the landscaping. Continue reading

Pressure Washing Solutions for Your Lafayette Parking Lot

Does Your Parking Lot Need Pressure Washing?

Is a time to call a Lafayette pressure washing team to help you clean your gnarly parking lot or drive-thru?

Whether you own a shopping complex or run a Bay Area business, you want to keep your premises clean and tidy. When debris, stains and gunk accumulate, a variety of bad things can happen – both to your clients and to your company: Continue reading