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Is It Safe to Pressure Wash in the Rain?

Tips from Bay Area Pressure Washing Experts

Walnut Creek Deck CleaningFactors outside your control dictate when you can complete your home and business improvement projects, like house pressure washing. If you rent a pressure washer, and it starts raining, for instance, can you still safely operate the instrument outdoors? Continue reading

Water Saving with Action Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is No Longer Out of the Question

walnut creek deck cleaningAs of July 2014, state water regulators have made wasting water in California unlawful with The California Water Resources Control Board voting to implement mandatory restrictions on certain outdoor watering practices. Continue reading

3 Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home

Pressure Washing Your Orinda Home

Is a house pressure washing solution for your Bay Area or Orinda home right for you?

While pressure washing is not a cure all, it does confer some exciting benefits. Here are 3: Continue reading

Bay Area Pool Deck Power Washing

Deck Restoration Using Pressure Washing

When you told your kids that you needed to call a Lafayette pressure washing company before you let them use the pool, they probably threw a tantrum. But your instincts to get your pool’s apron cleaned thoroughly (using detergent, water, and power washing) are smart. Continue reading