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Spring Cleaning with Pressure Washing

Seasonal Insight from a Pressure Washing Company with Water Recovery

Lafayette Sidewalk CleaningSpring has finally arrived, and that means now is the time to tackle those outdoor cleaning and maintenance chores you’ve been putting off. Consider giving your property a facelift with professional pressure washing to remove dirt and oil from driveways and other concrete surfaces as well as algae build-up and stains from wood decks and fences.

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Understanding Deck Coating Sealers, Stains, and Paints:

Understanding Deck Coating Sealers, Stains, and Paints:

How to Choose the Best Protection

Whether you’re a homeowner about to embark on an epic remodeling project; or you’re building a dream house from scratch, this primer on deck coating products should come in handy.

Do you need coating?

Under certain circumstances, vinyl floorboards, metal cladding, or special manufactured decking
may be a better choice than protective agents, such as sealers or stains. In other cases, you could
leave the wood uncoated and exposed to the elements. Decks made from redwood or cedar age
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