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Responsible Pressure Washing During a Drought

Is It Still OK to Power Wash?

Pressure Washing With Water Recovery Bay AreaIt’s no secret that the Golden State is facing a serious water crisis—some experts predict that we may be in the early stages of a scary-sounding epic known as a “mega-drought.” For good reasons, many people decide to cut back on pressure washing practices, like concrete cleaning, during times of water scarcity. But does it make sense? Continue reading

Where Should Wash Water Go?: Pressure Wash the Right Way – Part 2

A Simple Question with a Surprisingly Complicated Answer


Whether you’re cleaning up a landscaping job, scouring away graffiti and gunk from the side of your Bay Area small business, or simply trying to get an oil stain off your driveway, you need a plan for how to dispose of your waste water.

As we mentioned in Part I of this blog post series The Basics of Cleaning and Disposal… if you pollute from surface cleaning, not only can you potentially damage the environment by releasing harmful chemicals, oil saturated absorbents, paint chips and solvents, but you can also violate state and local laws. As the Bay Area Storm Water Management Agencies Association and Regional Water Quality Control Board clearly state in their “Pollution from Surface Cleaning” brochure: “allowing polluting substances into storm drains is prohibited in California. Both the person who discharges the pollutant orleaves it behind, and the owner of the property where the material is generated are liable.”

All this begs the question – what should you do with your wash water when you’re done? Continue reading