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Pressure Washing Can Help You Avoid Possible Lawsuits

Money-Saving Tips from a Lafayette Pressure Washing Company

Walnut Creek Deck CleaningPressure washing a residential driveway or commercial parking lot can provide a lot of aesthetic benefits by removing dirt, mud, oil buildup, and other substances from outdoor flooring. But this cleaning process also offers an indirect benefit—it can help reduce your legal liability.

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Water Saving with Action Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is No Longer Out of the Question

walnut creek deck cleaningAs of July 2014, state water regulators have made wasting water in California unlawful with The California Water Resources Control Board voting to implement mandatory restrictions on certain outdoor watering practices. Continue reading

Cleaning Your Trex Deck with Pressure Washing

Keeping Your Bay Area Deck Clean For Summer

Whether you recently installed a Trex deck outside your home in Walnut Creek, or you’re a business or restaurant owner who needs to clean a tarnished Trex deck, you’d like to find a more efficient, cost-effective deck cleaning strategy. Continue reading

Professional Outdoor Cleaning Services for the Bay Area

Getting Your Outdoor Area Clean For Summer Entertaining

Before Pressure Washing BrickWashingAfter4

Spring has arrived and summer will be here before you know it. Now that the weather is warmer, you want to get your home spruced up for birthday parties, barbeques, and other outdoor events. But before you can get to the fun stuff (e.g. testing out different hamburger recipes or buying new patio furniture), you first need to take care of the “dirty work,” such as patio cleaning, walkway cleaning, and sidewalk cleaning.

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Bay Area Pool Deck Power Washing

Deck Restoration Using Pressure Washing

When you told your kids that you needed to call a Lafayette pressure washing company before you let them use the pool, they probably threw a tantrum. But your instincts to get your pool’s apron cleaned thoroughly (using detergent, water, and power washing) are smart. Continue reading

Time for Spring Bay Area Deck Cleaning

Walnut Creek Deck Pressure Washing BeforeSpring Cleaning Your Bay Area Deck

The flowers are blooming, and the fresh April rains are rejuvenating the Bay Area ecology… and your spirits. But with spring comes spring cleaning. To that end, the Bay Area deck cleaning professionals here at Action Pressure Washing have some cool ideas to help make the cleaning process simple.

Grit, goo, dried-on bugs, fungi, rust, and other yucky, gunky stuff have adhered to your deck, windows, and home exterior.

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