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Removing Stains with Concrete Cleaning

Walnut Creek Concrete Cleaning Experts Discuss Stain Removal

Lafayette Parking Lot Pressure WashingUgly grease and oil stains on concrete can be difficult to remove. An ordinary garden hose will not remove them, but a few available pressure washing systems may be suitable for concrete cleaning. Here are a few things to look for when evaluating these systems, whether you need to scour a mottled parking lot or fix up the patio of your Bay Area restaurant:

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Pressure Washing Can Help You Avoid Possible Lawsuits

Money-Saving Tips from a Lafayette Pressure Washing Company

Walnut Creek Deck CleaningPressure washing a residential driveway or commercial parking lot can provide a lot of aesthetic benefits by removing dirt, mud, oil buildup, and other substances from outdoor flooring. But this cleaning process also offers an indirect benefit—it can help reduce your legal liability.

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Keeping Brick Patios and Pavers Clean

Pressure Washing & Other Methods to Keep Your Bay Area Property Clean

Lafayette House Pressure WashingPressure washing and sidewalk cleaning can keep establishments looking beautiful, improve property values, and reduce the risk of degradation and structural damage to the property.

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Concrete Sealers: How to Know Which One Works Best for You.

Concrete Sealers:  Tips for Best Practices and Benefits.


Concrete Sealers provide a high level of protection for sidewalks, walkways, and other handy work. With the proper deployment of sealers, you can extend the surface life and improve the appearance of the concrete while benefiting from significant savings on long-term care and repair costs.

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Concrete Cleaning of Stairs and Patio

Get your home ready for the summer and all the outdoor BBQ’s.  Action Pressure Washing can clean your concrete or brick stairs, patios, walkways, driveways, and wood & composite decks and fences. Call today 925-284-3301

BEFORE and AFTER Pics of Concrete Cleaning of Stairs, Walk Ways, and a Patio.

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Sidewalk and Driveway Pressure Washing at a Residence in Fremont, CA

Power washing does wonders for your home’s exterior. See below on these BEFORE and AFTER photos we took of the sidewalks and driveway at this home in Fremont, CA. Notice the stains that were removed from the concrete. Really made a huge difference.

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