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Water Saving with Action Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is No Longer Out of the Question

walnut creek deck cleaningAs of July 2014, state water regulators have made wasting water in California unlawful with The California Water Resources Control Board voting to implement mandatory restrictions on certain outdoor watering practices.

Among the prohibited activities are:

  • Over-watering lawns to the point of creating runoff
  • Washing a car with a garden hose not fitted with a shutoff nozzle
  • Hosing down driveways and sidewalks
  • Using drinking water for ornamental fountains that don’t recirculate

Scariest of all, violators could face a $500 fine per day of violation.

As a concerned citizen, you may think calling a professional pressure washing service is out of the question. However, you’re in luck! State officials have made certain exemptions regarding pressure washing, especially when it comes to preparing residential homes for repainting, graffiti removal, and certain sanitary situations. Despite common misconceptions, using a pressure washer saves more water than using an everyday garden hose. Here’s how it works.

Commercial Power Washing Saves Water

Action Pressure Washing saves water in two ways. First, when we arrive on site we identify all nearby storm drains and the direction of water runoff. Then, drains are securely covered with booms, sandbags, and plastic to prevent runoff and contamination. When the job is finished our high-tech hydro vacuum systems collect the water. From there, it is either sent to the Sanitary Sewer for recovery and used again as potable water, or it is cleaned with our recovery equipment and sent back to our customer to be used for landscaping. Nothing goes to waste or is poured down the drain!

Secondly, our power washers use only 4 to 5 gallons of water per minute. Compared with the standard garden hose which can discharge anywhere from 13 to 19 gallons a minute, power washing is the clear winner.The high-pressure water stream quickly and easily blasts away dirt, grime, and debris, greatly reducing the time and the amount of water needed to complete a cleaning job.

Use Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Services

If you need help with commercial or residential pressure washing for sidewalks, parking lots, or buildings, connect with the friendly team at Action Pressure Washing. We proudly follow environmentally responsible procedures and comply with all EPA laws. Call us toll free at 877-700-1246, or submit a contact form on our website for more information.

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