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Refurbishing Your Wood Fence with Pressure Washing

Make it Look New by Pressure Washing with Water Recovery

Moraga Homeowner Power Washing Wood FenceIf your Bay Area fence has lost its luster and shine, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to replace it. You can easily refurbish the fence and get it back to looking like new with just a few simple steps. Wooden fences start to collect grime and lose their coating after a few years. Once the protective coating deteriorates, the wood underneath ages, and the fence begins to appear gray and dirty. The drought may have you steering clear of pressure washing, but if you find a pressure washing company with water recovery you don’t have to wait until reservoirs are full again to get your fence, home, and driveway cleaned. Continue reading

Cleaning Your Trex Deck with Pressure Washing

Keeping Your Bay Area Deck Clean For Summer

Whether you recently installed a Trex deck outside your home in Walnut Creek, or you’re a business or restaurant owner who needs to clean a tarnished Trex deck, you’d like to find a more efficient, cost-effective deck cleaning strategy. Continue reading

Bay Area Pool Deck Power Washing

Deck Restoration Using Pressure Washing

When you told your kids that you needed to call a Lafayette pressure washing company before you let them use the pool, they probably threw a tantrum. But your instincts to get your pool’s apron cleaned thoroughly (using detergent, water, and power washing) are smart. Continue reading

Time for Spring Bay Area Deck Cleaning

Walnut Creek Deck Pressure Washing BeforeSpring Cleaning Your Bay Area Deck

The flowers are blooming, and the fresh April rains are rejuvenating the Bay Area ecology… and your spirits. But with spring comes spring cleaning. To that end, the Bay Area deck cleaning professionals here at Action Pressure Washing have some cool ideas to help make the cleaning process simple.

Grit, goo, dried-on bugs, fungi, rust, and other yucky, gunky stuff have adhered to your deck, windows, and home exterior.

So what should you do? Here are your options: Continue reading

Action Brings This Deck Back To Life! (Before/After Pics)

Walnut Creek Deck Pressure Washing & Renovation Job Oct 2012  Continue reading

Mission: Redwood Restoration {BEFORE/AFTER PICS}

The mission request:

Customer (located in Orinda, CA) requested service of complete restoration of redwood deck, benches, rail systems with prior stain which was Cabot SPF 48 Sunray. Continue reading

Timber Tech Deck Systems Cleaning

Timber Tech with Aluminum Awning System


“Although TimberTech products are low-maintenance, TimberTech recommends periodic cleaning to help maintain the beauty of the product.” – Timber Tech

“A power washer can be used when cleaning TimberTech products.” – Timber Tech

Due to Timber Tech Decks being made exclusively with technologically-advanced composite materials and design to mimic the look and feel of exotic wood such as walnut, teak, and rose wood it does require and recommend regular care and cleaning but careful care and cleaning.  These elegant composite materials can be damaged with wrong care and/or non-professional power washing.    You paid great money for these beautiful decks, keep them long lasting and keep them beautiful.  For more information or to contact a professional pressure washer that specializes in composite deck systems contact Action Pressure Washing.


This Timber Tech deck below cleaned and pressured washed by Action Pressure Washing.

(these photos and others can also be viewed in Action Pressure Washing photo albums)

Applying Coatings to Your Deck: Brushing, Rolling, or Spraying?

Applying Coatings to Your Deck:  A Review of Three Main Methods

Whether you’re refinishing a deck – and engaging in an intensive scraping and sanding regimen – or you’re coating a newly assembled deck in your backyard, here is a quick rundown on three application procedures: Spraying, rolling, and brushing.


Should you use a wide brush – wider than the deck planks? Or should you use a narrow brush for more control and accuracy? Continue reading

Understanding Deck Coating Sealers, Stains, and Paints:

Understanding Deck Coating Sealers, Stains, and Paints:

How to Choose the Best Protection

Whether you’re a homeowner about to embark on an epic remodeling project; or you’re building a dream house from scratch, this primer on deck coating products should come in handy.

Do you need coating?

Under certain circumstances, vinyl floorboards, metal cladding, or special manufactured decking
may be a better choice than protective agents, such as sealers or stains. In other cases, you could
leave the wood uncoated and exposed to the elements. Decks made from redwood or cedar age
naturally, leaving spectacular and beautiful results. Continue reading

Warranty Options for Deck Coating: What’s the Best Long Term Option?

Warranty Options for Deck Coating: What’s the Best Long Term Option?

A freshly applied deck coating may look great today. But, over time, the finish will degrade and lose its gloss and protective capabilities. Wind, weather, foot traffic, sunlight, dust and debris,and other environment agents will conspire to break down the coating. Under best conditions — if, for instance, your deck sees little foot traffic, has little exposure to sunlight, moisture and the
elements, and has mats protecting high-traffic areas — you might expect five years of durability,
assuming you use a top caliber product and apply it according to best practices. Continue reading