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Sidewalk and Driveway Cleaning in Lafayette, Orinda & Bay Area


Mold and algae have already gained a foothold on sidewalks, entry steps and driveways around the Bay Area. Even if there is only a small amount that can barely be seen, it is very slippery, making it easy to slip and fall. No one wants to take a chance on breaking any bones, especially hip bones.

Lafayette and Orinda sidewalks and driveways need cleaning

A client in the Lafayette and Orinda area contacted us specifically to power wash the sidewalks and driveway around his home to remove all the algae or mold that had accumulated since last summer. His elderly mother was going to be moving into the adjoining Mother-In-Law unit and he needed the sidewalk and driveway area to be clean and free from slip and fall hazards.

He had just learned that his good friend and golfing buddy had fallen on slippery mold or algae in the driveway and had broken his hip. He knew that even small amounts on the steps or sidewalk would definitely be hazardous to his mother.

sidewalk-pavingAction Pressure Washing quickly responded; and in a short time, all the surrounding concrete was clean and bright. Our client was so pleased with how beautifully the driveway and sidewalks turned out that he requested we power wash his daughter’s driveway and sidewalks at her home in Concord. He didn’t want to take any chances on her slipping and falling either.  Our professional pressure washing equipment enables us to restore all types of sidewalk and driveway surfaces (including paver cleaning) to nearly new condition. It is an inexpensive and easy way to gain valuable peace of mind and prevent unnecessary tragic accidents.

We hope that you will consider our recommendation to remove the mold and algae around your home or office as soon as possible. We provide fast and efficient service in Lafayette,  Orinda and the entire Bay Area. We look forward to serving your power/pressure washing needs.

Please give us a call at 1-887-700-1246 or use our online contact form 24/7 here.