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Castro Valley Sanitary District Building – Sept 2011

This is a slideshow of our pressure washing job at the Castro Valley Sanitary District Building in Sept 2011

Action Pressure Washing pressure washed the exterior stucco walls, windows, sidewalks, parking lot, and entrances of the Castro Valley Sanitary District building in Castro Valley, CA.  The building’s exteriors had some issues of algae, dirt, grime, and the parking lot had large oil and rust stains.   Action Pressure Washing was able to get in, get the job done, and do it all while practicing safe wash water recovery practices.

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Ew, Yuck! There’s Gum All Over the Sidewalk.

What Can Be Done About the Gum?


Whether you own a small business or operate a hospital or government building, you likely have to deal with the somewhat obscene and certainly repulsive sight of dried gooey gum chemically soldered onto the sidewalks outside your building. Gum stains on parking lots and sidewalks degrade the aesthetic environment and may even lower the barrier for littering. When people see gross sidewalks covered with gum and other stains, they may feel less hesitant to toss paper or wrappers or plastic on the ground — or to let piles of steaming dog poop accumulate and serve as fodder for nearby flies.

Getting rid of these gum stains can be hard. Ask any teacher who has ever had to claw-clean the
underside of a desk layered with a year’s worth of solidified gum. Continue reading